CoPilot AI

Ensuring the user experience of lauching a new product: CoPilot Pro

copilot inbox software

my role

Product Design, Usability Testing

what it is

CoPilot AI is a LinkedIn automation software that helps users generate leads. This is done in my design internship. I worked with the Lead Product Designer, Sales Team, Customer Success and Developers.

current copilot vs pro


CoPilot AI is moving to a new platform with an entirely new user interface. Since our users are mostly non-tech literate users, we must ensure the our the onboarding process, user experience and key userflow (Inbox) is easy to use.


Redesigning the new platform that is easier for the users but also more efficient for employees during onboarding. Improving the issue in the old platform.


Copilot AI is a service that automates the process of social prospecting through Linkedin. It uses AI to separate message obtained into different categories, which allows users to respond to messages and manage leads.

Redesigned the onboarding user interface components that is more user friendly and easy to understand

The inbox and message sending is the key userflow for our users. I have to ensure this step is:

  • Easy to read
  • Has all the necessary
  • Information for the user
  • Fast but accurate.
  • See the message history with the prospects and manage tags



    I started by understanding who our key users are.

    Our key users are financial advisors who have done things the old school way and are now exploring new options. Social prospecting is significantly different from the walk-in and referrals, which is why our users have a hard time adjusting.

    Current Platform VS Upcoming CoPilot AI

    current platform

    As we are changing to a new platform, it’s crucial to understand the differences, where we are improving and what problems we are solving from the old platform. What are the painpoints and what's new about the new platform.

    I looked at the different user roles and the parts of the onboarding process that could be improved

    Usability Testing

    before and after designs

    After doing user testing, I realized the message tiles the user responded to messages on was missing key information like: their lead's company and their job title.

    The user heavily rely on that information to determine how they respond.

    Journey Map

    Journey map

    After interviewing the sales and the customer success team, I was able to get the customer experience of the user journey.

    I discovered that there was a high amount of customers who end up churning after the onboarding process due to not knowing how to sell through social media. This was extremely useful information as I was redesigning the onboarding process.

    Key Takeaways

    Working with Developers

    I learned how to be a team player with developers while designing. Before I was eyeballing my designs but later learned that when handing off designs, the padding and measurements should be accurate and consistent

    Working Collaboratively

    When you need a quick user testing, the people who knows customer best is customer success and sales. Not only were they able to give amazing feedback, they are also able to give more insight on personas that I couldn’t achieve alone.

    Learning the Fast Pace of Startups and Direction

    My experience with CoPilot AI was great because they are not afraid to experiment and fail fast. Which meant they are constantly changing their direction including users. I had to adapt quickly to catch up.

    Learning the Complexity of Onboarding

    Copilot AI’s key userflow is quite straightforward however the onboarding process is tedious and hefty. I really under valued the importance of onboarding prior to CoPilot AI.