picture of amy

I am a:

Designer. Creator. Learner.

I love product design because I am constantly iterating and improving. I always apply design thinking methodologies throughout my design process and always start from solving a problem.

I am currently a product designer at CoPilot AI, one of the fastest growing startups in Canada

My strength & Skills

Team Player & Communicator

I work with stakeholders on a daily basis to move a design from idea to mockup. I can explain my design decisions, while open to feedback.

Curious Learner

I’m always eager to learn new skills, techniques and tools. Currently, I am focused on learning more on growth design and how I should design for business impact.

Design & Code with Accessibility

I incorporate accessibility into my design practice because it improves the design overall. I made sure my site passed the accessibility audit before launching. It was my one criteria.

HTML/CSS/Sass/JS & Git

I learned coding to better communicate with engineers and understand their point of view.

Work Experience

Jan 2019 - Ongoing

CoPilot AI - Product Designer (Formerly: Intern/Junior UX Designer)

Lead designer on the product-led growth team. Owns the end-to-end design that has contributed to the strategic direction of the roadmap.

Made it on the Canada Growth List 2020 as well as the Business Pivot Award

Aug - Nov 2019

MedoClock - UX Designer - Remote Contract

Created digital health management solutions to help caregivers better manage for their loved ones.

Jan - Sept 2018

HackHub - UX/UI Intern

Created an app prototype and mockup for Hackhub mobile.

Sept. 2017 - March 2018

CareTeam(HDL) - Research Assistant

Provided solutions to help caregivers going through dementia to have a better mental support system.