Varbus: A Hackathon Project

About Varbus

Let’s say there is a huge sports game playing in downtown and everyone is going. The game is over and transit is incredibly crowded. Or there is a company party and giving taxi vouchers to every individual is too costly or someone has drank too much and is unable to drive home on their own. Varbus will be much more convenient than transit.

Varbus is a variable bus that will change its route according to its user. If a user wants to get from point A to point B, and they are not in a rush, they can input a beginning to end and the bus will pick them up, and pick up others along the way while trying to get the point B. The pickup points are not designated and could be altered.


The interface is a simple map where you input where you want to go, where you are starting from and the system will output the closest Varbus around the area and how long it will get to you as well as the estimated arrival time to your destination. Once the bus arrives, you scan to QR code to pay and track.


Logo Exploration

Some other names brought up for Varbus was Vbus. We wanted to keep the V a part of the logo. The logo is a big V and as the dotted line in the middle to make it look like a road. The color blue symbolizes freedom and open, which is what Varbus is trying to achieve.


My role was the designer and it was to create a realistic looking prototype to present if the developers could not get the software out on time, and brand it visually. It is a critical role because that is what the sponsors will be looking at and I need to make sure it looks polished. While we did not win, I met some really amazing people at the Hackathon and it was a great learning curve for me and my design experience. It was a lot of fun and will try again next year.