The Last Greenhouse

Went to the BC game jam and made a game within 48 hours. Super exciting. The theme this year was Dimension for the host, environment and endless runner for sponsors. My group decided to tackle all 3 of the themes and this is what we came up with.
My role in this team was the illustrator for sprites. I made sure all the images came out fast and high quality. You can check the game here!

We thought that since our sponsors are environmental groups, we would include a short story about the future of the earth and what it could potentially look like. Note the images above are collaborations with my fellow illustrator Yilin who did the background

Also since the other sponsor who wanted an endless runner was a cannabis dispensary, we wanted to include cannabis plants in this game.












The main character running spirit I worked on. She is in an astronaut suit because there is no more oxygen left on earth. Doing this was out of my comfort zone but it was very rewarding and exciting to challenge myself.

The Last Greenhouse ended up winning the Sponsor’s award.