Hacker’s Cheesecake

About Hacker’s Cheesecake

This assignment was redesigning my cheesecake assignment, with a quirk: re-imagining what the service would be like in the future and with a certain type of target audience: Hackers.

My persona is Rine Tan. I wanted to steer away from the negative connotation of hackers, so I decided to choose an ethical hacker. Something about clickable prototypes does not work out for me, so I decided to make a video of the prototyope.

Because this is the distant future, I decided to do a virtual hologram screen where everything is touchable. The idea behind this concept is you can 3D scan the shape of your cheesecake and 3D print it right at home with the proper ingredients. You can also browse the web for shape templates or sell shape templates.


After some logo exploration, the hardest part was visualizing 3D printing. So I decided to make 2 versions. A literal cheesecake on printer and one that is based on the movements of a 3D printer after studying how they move.