Cheesecake Etc Rebranding

My first assignment was to re-brand cheesecake etc’s website. I choose to re-brand their website because they had such a unique business model and cheesecake but their website was extremely lacking. For such delicious cheesecake, their website did not do justice, so I decided to do some re-branding.








I started off with making the persona’s that goes to Cheesecake etc.

I ended up choosing Rose, the foodie as my main persona.

After asking around what people, specially other fellow foodies out there, would like to see in a restaurant website, I got:

After sorting, realized most people wanted to see the pictures of their food, general information about hours and location and the menu.

So I made an information architecture in the following order: Header, Gallery, Menu, About Us, and Contacts

I created my first prototype. I knew something was off but could not understand what exactly was off. 

I ended up opting for the hamburger selection and making the color schemes more coherent, and of course, it’s mobile friendly.