Careteam: Human Centered User Research

The project is still in progress. This is a Health Design Lab Project and I am one of the research assistants.

Goal of the Project:

Conducting a review of the interaction design of careteam from caregiver’s perspective. Focused on helping family members with dementia through human centered design research.



Our research started off with looking at secondary readings and documentaries of people going through dementia.

Once we have gathered enough information, we made a journey map of the stages of someone going through dementia and the people they affect. We dig into their mental stage, draw out their experiences, as well as pains and gains.

We also worked on an empathy map to understand the pain from both the caregiver side and the patient side.


We brainstormed features the app could have that would focus and improve the mental wellness of the patient going through this.

Next steps:

We are currently working on a probe for family members to work on. This is to prove our secondary research, and see where we missed and how we can improve their quality of life.